Covid-19 Protocols


Updated August 26th, 2021




  • All Staff, Teachers and Students are required to complete a wellness questionnaire before entering the studio.

  • All Staff, Teachers and Students will be checked before entering studio using our no-contact infrared thermometer. We encourage parents to check their child's temperature before leaving their homes.

  • Students are not to come to the studio if the student or anyone in their household is ill until everyone has shown no symptoms for 24 hours.

  • Students/Staff are not to enter the building if they have been in contact with someone suspected of having Covid-19.

  • In addition to our 12 foot and 21-foot ceilings, the studio is equipped with a high efficiency HVAC system with HEPA filters to ensure proper ventilation. 



  • Changes have been made to studio layout to position instructors at point of entry to control the flow of students and allow for temperature checks.

  • The green room (change room) is closed.

  • Plexi glass barriers have been installed in reception area and physical distancing is required. Occupancy is limited to 2 persons.

  • Parents with children under 7 are permitted to enter the Lobby if needed while adhering to the distance markers provided. Parents are required to leave the building while class is in session.

  • Parents with children over the age of 8 are to drop off only to help reduce traffic in and out of the building and the overall head count inside the facility. Parents are not permitted to remain in the building while class is in session.

  • Class start and end times have been adjusted to ensure no overlap, reduce congestion and allow for sanitizing.



  • Students must use outside studio doors when entering or exiting the studios (students only to enter these doors).

  • Class times are staggered to ensure no crossover of students.

  • Please do not arrive early or pick up too late to help reduce any crossover/congestion.

  • Students will not be permitted to wait in Studio Lobby and are required to leave their studio immediately at the end of their class.


  • All rooms and high touch surfaces (including chairs) will be fully sanitized using our 360 Sterile Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer (R40) between each class with NeutraLyze Hypochlorous acid HOCL 500 ppm disinfectants approved by Health Canada.



  • Hand Sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility.

  • Students and Staff must sanitize their hands when entering the studio.

  • Students and Staff are required to wash hands after bathroom use. Paper towels are provided.

  • Hand washing protocols are in place for all Teachers, Staff, and Students.

  • Student must wear dance shoes in the studio. Bare feet are not permitted.



  • Masks are welcomed for all ages but not mandatory as Showstoppers is a private Academy (not a public space) and classes involve physical fitness activity.

  • We highly encourage masks for ages 9 and up while in common spaces (i.e. hallways, washrooms, arrival and departure).

  • All Staff and Instructors are required to wear a mask.



  • If anyone becomes sick while on the premises, they will be isolated away from all other students/staff until they can be picked up. All proper rapid response protocols will be in place.


  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the facility unless in case of an emergency.

  • Cell phones must stay in student's bags at all times.


  • All students are required to wear proper footwear (black jazz shoes or ballet slippers). No bare feet or outside shoes allowed.

  • Hair must be tied back and off face.

  • Yoga/dance attire required.



·  We ask Students to bring only what they need to class. Small bag and water bottle.

·  Anything left at the studio will be thrown out at the end of the day.


·  No food allowed in the studio. 


The health and safety your child, family and our staff is of the utmost importance at Showstoppers Academy. We are 100% confident in our protocols and are doing everything we can to keep your child and our staff safe while at the studio. As things evolve our protocols may be adjusted to reflect changing requirements of BC Health Ministry. It is important that we all work together to ensure everyone’s safety and good health. We thank for your ongoing support of Showstoppers Academy and your cooperation.​