Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I withdraw my child from the program?

All students must commit to the full year (September to June). There will be no refunds of production fees after September 1st. All withdrawals are subject to a $30 administration fee per class. There are no withdrawals accepted after October 1st.


How do I withdraw my child from the program?

Written Notice by email for any withdrawals or changes to schedules must be received by office administration on or before October 1st. Students who stop coming to class are not considered withdrawn and payments will continue to be charged and processed until the required Written Notice is received by email prior to October 1.


How do I stay informed about my child’s commitments at the studio?

The studio communicates through various channels - email, website, newsletters, social media. Please ensure you regularly check these sources for opportunities and activities that may affect your child.

Does my child have to audition for a speaking/singing role?

While we encourage all students in our musical theatre classes to audition for a role, we also welcome kids participate in the class as part of the show's ensemble.

Where are classes held?

We are currently looking for a new place to hold classes in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area.


How can I drop off / pickup my child?

Location and drop off information TBA. 

How early can I drop off my child? Do I need to stay with my child before class begins?

You are responsible for your child until his/her class begins. Please do not leave your child alone in the church or outside either before or after class. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the time your child’s class begins. Ensure you arrive to pick up your child at the time their class finishes and inform staff if you will be late for pickup. We have a tight schedule for all classes and we do not have extra staff to care for your child before or after his/her class.


Will there by dress rehearsals?

Yes, your child will be expected to attend all necessary Dress Rehearsals, Performances & Year End Shows. These take place in April and May and are dependent on which class you are in.


My husband and I are separated. Can we each pay a portion of our child’s fee?

No, Showstoppers does not accept split family payments.


Does Showstoppers have an Etiquette and Acceptable Behaviour policy?

Yes, Showstoppers adheres to the following and expect students and parents to do the same:

- To be respectful and kind to students and staff at all times;

- To avoid engaging in gossip, hearsay, foul language or spreading rumours directly or indirectly through conversations at the studio or through social media, texts, emails, etc;

- To be respectful of the studio facility, including classrooms, lobby, hallways, outside entrance, office space, parking lot and washrooms at all times;

- To clean up after oneself in the studio space and to be mindful of noise level in the lobby and hallways;

- Behaviour by a student/parent considered to be bullying or abuse will result in immediate dismissal.


Does the Studio have a dress code?

Yes, each student must come to class dressed in comfortable clothes (i.e. dance pants, sweat pants, t-shirts) and soft soled shoes (preferably black jazz shoes). Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor. Short, tight skirts or jeans are not acceptable. Black Jazz shoes (any style) are required for all students for the November and Year End shows.