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Moana - Cast A

Alyssa Botelho as


Alyssa has been in Showstoppers for over 5 years and has participated in eight productions. Some of her roles include Edna in "Hairspray" and The Peddler in "Oklahoma". She hopes that you sit back, relax and enjoy the show!!!

Starry Dion-Fell as


Starry has been performing at Showstoppers since she was 10.

Outside of Showstoppers she plays video games and does art.

Her favourite past role was Mr. Warbucks in 'Annie'. She is very happy to be playing Pua in Moana and is excited for the show!

Katelyn Goudreau as


Katelyn is 13 years old and has been performing since she was 9. 

Her favourite past roles were Young Elsa in "Frozen Jr.", Young Nala in "The Lion King Jr." and Cat in the Hat in "Seussical the Musical".

In addition to theatre she plays Softball and enjoys fine arts.

She is very excited to be a part of Moana Jr. and hopes you all enjoy the show!

Isabella Matlock as


Isabella has been in Showstoppers since she was 10 years old.

Her favourite roles have been Middle Anna in "Frozen Jr." and Miss. Hannigan in "Annie Jr.". She enjoys comedic and emotional roles.

Outside of theatre, Isabella likes art and participates in Pathfinders.She is looking forward to Moana Jr.  Enjoy!

Priya Shannon as


Priya’s love of acting began when she joined the Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario, at age 10. Her favourite past role was the Wolf and the Elephant Child in "Rikki Tikki Tavi". Priya also does competitive swimming. Moana Jr. will be her sixth production so far.

Mackenzie Brown as 


Mackenzie has done theatre for 11 years and her favourite past roles are Tinkerbell in “Peter Pan” and Iago in “Aladdin”. She also does competitive cheerleading. She is excited to be a part of Moana Jr. Enjoy the show!!

Abby Franco as


Abby has been in Showstoppers for 4 years now. Her favourite shows were Hairspray, Shrek, and Frozen, where she was able to act as Link, Shrek and Kristoff. Showstoppers is such a great experience and a lot of fun to do. Showstoppers has helped Abby come out of her shell and make lots of good, long-lasting friendships. Abby is super excited about future shows and hopes you are too! 

Savannah Kozak as


Savannah has been performing with Showstoppers for 8 years. Some of her favourite shows she’s been in are, Mary Poppins Jr., Elf Jr. and Frozen Jr. She has made so many great memories with her friends at Showstoppers, an cannot wait to make more while working on Matilda Jr. in the Masters program. She hopes that you all enjoy the show, although it’s a little different than normal.


Alyssa Pretzer as


Alyssa has been in theatre since she was 7 years old. Her first musical she fell in love with was ‘’The Sound of Music’’.  One of Alyssa’s favourite roles she has performed was Motormouth Maybelle in ‘’Hairspray”. Besides theatre, Alyssa loves playing soccer and spending time with her family. She hopes you enjoy all the hard work put into Moana Jr.

Makena Siller as


Makena started in Musical Theatre in 2014. She loves performing on stage. Last year she performed in "Frozen", which was a lot of fun.

Noah Copland as


Noah Copland has been performing in theatre productions since he was eight.

Noah’s favourite role that he has played in a Showstoppers' production was Link in "Hairspray". 

When Noah is not performing he enjoys gaming, reading and being in the great outdoors.

Noah is very excited to be playing Maui as it is a role he’s wanted to play for a long time.

Keira Fuller as


Keira Fuller is a Grade 6 book enthusiast at Albion Elementary and is very keen on social issues influencing her generation. She's passionate about her Chihuahuas (Chichi and Coco), her community, the environment, painting, travel, adventure, and ice cream.

Keira hopes to be a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, or a Broadway artist in the near future; subject to change in the much nearer future. 

Myah Mahon as


Myah has enjoyed singing and dancing since a young age, but this is her first role in a play. She also keeps busy by playing hockey, soccer, and taking voice lessons. 

Myah is very happy to be part of Moana Jr. as it’s been tons of fun, confidence building, and a great learning experience. 

Gemma Seguin as


Gemma has been in Musical Theatre since she was 8 years old and has loved it since then. Her favourite past roles were Olaf in “Frozen” (Nov. 2019) and Flounder (Apr. 2019) in “The Little Mermaid”. Gemma is very excited to do Moana Jr. and cannot wait for future shows!

Viena Siller as


Viena has been dancing and singing since she was five years old.  She started at Showstoppers in 2018. She has performed in a few productions including "12 Angry Pigs", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Frozen". I’m looking forward to my first role with lines!

Moana - Cast B

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Dara Coulter as


Dara is 16 years old and is in her 9th year at Showstoppers. Some of her favourite past roles include Lioness in “The Lion King” (2017) and Ms Brill in “Mary Poppins” (2018). She has loved to dance since she was little, then found a passion for theatre after joining Showstoppers. She’s so happy to be able to continue performing safely and hopes you enjoy the show!

Ava Eliason as


Ava has been in Showstoppers for 5 years and has had a passion for theatre for as long as she can remember. Her favourite past roles have included: Gingy in "Shrek the Musical Jr." and Mrs. Mayor in "Seussical Jr.". Ava hopes to one day play Sharpay in "High School Musical" and dreams of being on Broadway.  As well as theatre, Ava also plays piano and sings in her school choir.

Dawson Gill as


Dawson Gill has been performing since he was 7. His favorite past roles are Sandy in "Annie" and Michael Banks in "Mary Poppins". He is playing Mr. Wormwood in Matilda in May 2021. He hopes you guys enjoy the show!

Emma Moon as


Emma has been performing since she was 7 years old and has been with Showstoppers from age 6. Her favourite past roles were Young Simba in "The Lion King" and Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast". She is also looking forward to playing Miss Honey in "Matilda" in the spring! Outside of theatre she enjoys photography and playing various instruments. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Skylynn Porteous as


Skylynn is 10 years old and loves theatre. She has been doing it for 5 years. She also plays soccer and enjoys playing with all of her friends. Skylynn also loves any type of Dance.

Josie Unrau as


Josie has been in showstoppers for two months.She was in the 'Bottle of Joy' at Cast and Crew and 'Aladdin' at Play Society. Her favourite past role was Jasmine. Her hobbies other than musical theatre are choir and watching Netflix. Josie is very excited to be in the musical Moana.

Braiden Davis as


Braiden has always had an interest in theatre and singing his whole life. He has especially taken an interest since joining his band 'Abernathy Way', which in turn has now lead him to joining Showstoppers. He is very excited to give it his all, and make the village proud. 

Makayla Gallacher as


Makayla has been acting since she was 4 in "A Christmas Carol". Some of her favourite past roles include Belle in "Beauty and the Beast", Hodel in "Fiddler on the Roof", and Aladdin in "Aladdin". She is also performing as Mrs.Wormwood in "Matilda" in May 2021. Outside of theatre she also takes piano, guitar, and vocal lessons. She hopes you enjoy Moana!

Ciara Henderson as


Ciara has been acting since she was six. Her favourite past roles have been the Hero Boy in “The Polar Express” and Ursula in “The Little Mermaid.” On top of theatre, she also is part of the Girl Guides of Canada and sings in her school’s Concert Choir. She very much enjoyed being a part of Moana Jr and hopes you enjoy watching it too.

Zaya Philip as


Zaya Philip has been performing on stage since she was 3 years old. Her favourite role she’s ever played was Mayzie in “Seussical The Musical.” Her strong suite in musical theatre is singing. She is very excited to be part of Moana Jr. and can’t wait to perform for you!

Addison Semple as


Addison is exhilarated to be a part of Moana Jr. this year. Her stage debut in theatre was at the age of 5 and her past roles include Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" and Dragon in "Shrek".  Outside of Showstoppers Addison is also in competitive dance, contortion and singing.  She is a true triple threat and is excited to share this show with you, as well as her upcoming role of Jane in "Mary Poppins".

Ashley Dezura as


Ashley has been involved with Showstoppers and Musical Theatre since the age of 7. She fell in love with it after her first role as the Seahorse in "The Little Mermaid". Ashley is very excited to have been cast as Trunchbull in Showstoppers upcoming production of "Matilda". Enjoy the Show! 

Dayton Gill as


Dayton has had a passion for musical theatre ever since he was a kid. He has been with Showstoppers for 10 years learning and growing as a student throughout the years. He has a deep rooted passion for music that shows in his work with his band 'Abernathy Way' and all his productions with Showstoppers. 

Jaya Hong as


Jaya has been a student at Showstoppers Academy for 10 years. Some of her favourite past roles were Mrs. Potts in “Beauty and the Beast Jr” and Mrs. Brill in “Mary Poppins Jr”. On top of performing, Jaya has also been a part of the Showstoppers staff for the last 5 years. She loves sharing her passion and love for theatre with all of her students. She is very excited to perform the show and hopes you enjoy the journey of “Moana Jr”, Covid-19 edition. 

Matteya Porteous as


Matteya is 14 and has been doing theatre for over 6 years. Her favourite roles have been Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray" and her upcoming role of Mary Poppins in "Mary Poppins". She also plays soccer and volleyball when she's not at theatre.

Kelsey Tierney as


Kelsey has been performing with Showstoppers since she was 6 and is so happy to be able to continue working with her theatre family especially during these crazy times. Some of her past favourite roles include Ms. Andrews in Mary Poppins and Anna in Frozen. Enjoy the show!

Moana Minis and Kids


Madynn Beaune, Camryn Beyer, Allison Cook, Liora Hansen,

Olivia Hodgson, Addison Reilly, Evelyn Stromgren,

Giancarlo Vivero, Haven Vivero,

Kwynn Atkins, Liliana Adamczewski, Jorja Gill, Grace Jordan, Alexa Radac, Alanna Tor, Emmylia Tor, Rebecca VanSchagen, Samantha VanSchagen, Vanessa VanSchagen and Noelle Woodhall