Mary Poppins

Cast C

Emma Aizer as


Emma is a 16 year old girl who attends HWSS in the 11th grade. She has been doing Musical Theatre for almost 10 years as it is one of her strongest passions. Before Covid, she attended Broadway Dance Canada (formerly known as Broadway Bound Performing Arts Studio) where she had the opportunity to be in a numerous amount of shows including: “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” (Marcie), “Bye Bye Birdie” (Penelope-Ann),“Beauty and the Beast” (Featured soloist/ensemble), “Hairspray” (Penny), “Grease” (Jan), “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” (Dan Dad/Ensemble), “Mamma Mia” (Ali) and would have played Justice Charlier in “Rock of Ages” if Covid hadn’t cut it short. She also participates in theatre at her school. Some of her most treasured roles include Cinderella in “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon”, Carol Danes in “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” and most recently Liz in “Lockdown” where she and her fellow cast mates got accepted into the BC NTS DramaFest! She is very grateful for how welcoming everyone was for her first year at Showstoppers. She thanks everyone who made this show possible and hopes you enjoy the show!

Lilly Choi as


This was Lilly’s first time performing with Showstoppers, she is 13 and is attending MSS.  She is very excited to play Neleus and Clerk and is looking forward to more shows. On top of Musical Theatre she loves playing violin, watching musicals, and has trained in ballet for 6 years. Some of her favourite musicals are Seussical and Annie. Lilly hopes you enjoy the show!!! :) 

Camden Dingley as


Camden is 13 years old and this is his first year with Showstoppers Academy. He has been doing theatre for over 5 years, most recently playing roles like: Charlie Brown (You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown) and Oliver Warbucks (Annie). He is super excited to play George Banks in Mary Poppins this year! 

Kira Fontaine as


Kira has been in Showstoppers for 7 years. Her favourite past roles were Horton in Seussical and King Triton in The Little Mermaid. She loves musical theatre and writing. Kira is very excited to be in Mary Poppins and she hopes you enjoy the show!

Ava Nurbakhsh as


Ava Nurbakhsh loves to read, play basketball and act. Her favourite books are ones based on greek mythology. She has acted in the musical Charlie and The Chocolate factory, and this is her first year in showstoppers. She loves animals; specifically, foxes, cats and pandas and hopes you enjoy the show!

Kialee Segarty as


Kialee has been a student at Showstoppers for 8 years. Some of her favourite shows she’s been in are, Elf Jr, Hairspray Jr and Shrek Jr. She has made so many great memories over the years. She hopes that you all enjoy the show, although it’s a little different than normal.

Zoey Stimpson as


Zoey Stimpson has a passion for acting and has been in theatre for over 4 years, however this is her first year participating in Musical Theatre. Outside of class she likes to read, bake, and play with her 2 cats. Her favourite musical is Hamilton and her favourite artist is Taylor Swift. Her past plays were, 101 dalmatians, Alice in wonderland, Greatest Showman, Peanuts, and she is happy being a Chimney Sweep and understudy in Mary Poppins.  A highlight was playing the lead role, PT Barnum in the Greatest Showman musical.

Lexi Aizer as 


Lexi is 16 years old and a grade 11 student at HWSS. She has done musical theatre for a little over 10 years! Some of her previous roles include Tracy in “Hairspray”, Rizzo in “Grease”, Lefou in “Beauty and the Beast”, Marcy in “Putnam County”, Rosie in “Mamma Mia”, and this year she is soo excited to be playing the role of Mary Poppins in “Mary Poppins jr”! She would like to thank Ms. Sam and Ms. Nicole for working so hard to guide us in bringing this “practically perfect” show to life! She would also like to thank her fellow cast-mates for making her feel welcome in her first year at Showstoppers. Lexi hopes you enjoy the show, although it’s a little bit different than usual:)

Avery Clark as


Avery loves musical theatre! 

It combines her 3 favourite things: Singing, Dancing & Acting.


Avery was in competitive dance for 6 years.  (4-10 years old)

She plays 3 instruments: piano, acoustic guitar and clarinet.  

She enjoys participating in swimming and plays Rep hockey.  


Avery has been performing with Showstopper’s since 2016.  Here are some of her highlights.  

High School Musical ~ Coach Bolton

Annie ~ chorus

Little Mermaid ~ Sebastian

Annie ~ Rooster

Mary Poppins ~ Bert

Morgan Elliott as


This is Morgan’s first performance with Showstoppers.  Past performances include Mama Mia, Beauty & The Beast, Seussical, Peter Pan and Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.   

A special thanks to Showstoppers & fellow cast mates for a good year -  Enjoy the show!

Hailey Kossack as


Hailey Kossack has been in dance since she was 3. She has been involved with musical theatre for 3 years. When she’s not dancing Hailey likes to read, plays rugby and hang out with her friends. 

Mackenzie Powell as


Mackenzie has been doing theatre for the past four years. She first got into musical theatre in grade three when she auditioned for her school musical. Mackenzie has loved performing for others since she was little. One of her favourite roles was Young Fiona in Shrek. In addition to musical theatre Mackenzie enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, writing, and baseball. 

Makena Siller as 


Makena started in Musical Theatre in 2014. She loves performing on stage. She performed in "Frozen" on stage in 2019, which was a lot of fun. Makena also performed in Moana Jr. with Showstoppers Academy in February 2021. She is excited to be in Mary Poppins and hopes everyone enjoys the show! You can spot her younger sister, Viena, in the YoungStars class performing with them!

Mackenzie Wikene as


Mackenzie Wikene has been in Showstoppers from a young age. Her favourite productions she has been in are "Hairspray", "High School Musical". "Peter Pan", "Annie", "Lion King" and "The Wizard of Oz". 

She is excited to perform "Mary Poppins" and hopes you enjoy the show. 

Logan Brant as


Logan enjoys Showstoppers and Musical Theatre. He has been attending for 4 years. His favourite musical was "Seussical". His favourite role was Mr. Warbucks in "Annie". He is looking forward to Mary Poppins as the Chairman and he hopes you enjoy the show

Lauren Clarke as


Lauren is 16 years old and has always had a passion for theatre. She has had many roles over the past eight years such as Sophie in Mamma Mia, Peter in Peter Pan and LeFou in Beauty and the Beast.  She is thrilled to be apart of this show and is honoured to be apart of the community the teachers and students have created.

Kaitlyn Fish as


Kaitlyn has a passion for performing. She loves to play piano, play guitar and sing in her spare time. 

She also enjoys painting and working with clay. 

She is very excited to be in Mary Poppins Jr.

Jocelyn Mah as


Jocelyn is 13 years old and loves performing in musical theatre because it combines her three favourite pastimes: singing, dancing and acting. This is her third production with Showstoppers Academy. Jocelyn enjoyed playing a hyena in Lion King Jr. and a lost boy in Peter Pan Jr. and she is very excited to perform as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins Jr. Enjoy the show!

Morgan Powell as


This is Morgan’s first time performing with Showstoppers and she has loved being part of the Mary Poppins cast this year. In addition to musical theatre, Morgan enjoys drawing and playing video games.

Natalie Smith as


This is Natalie's first year at Showstoppers, but certainly won't be her last. She loves musicals, but was too shy to participate until the 9th grade, and this is her third "real" show (R.I.P CSOPA's production of Little Mermaid Jr., you might be missed). She has been in Mamma Mia, and Beatles In Revue, and she is HYPED to play Mrs. Corry (and have her first speaking lines)!


She wants to send lots of love from 6 feet apart to Miss Sam and Miss Nicole, and all of her castmates that have to put up with her shenanigans this year. There will always be a special place in her heart for all of you. 


"I'll see you on the other side."

"Oh Bojack, there is no other side."



 Kwynn Atkins, Amelia Bridges, Maliha Jackson,

 Hailey Massa, Brooklyn Ranger, Brooklyn Rensmaag,  Julianna Schreder, Viena Siller,

 Brayden Smith and Hailey Smith